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      Jun 16, 2017

Category: Oak

The day we all went rock crazy!
The day we all went rock crazy!

Today, we were joined by some rock musicians who sang and rocked for us! They belong to a rockschool club called ‘irock’.¬† They teach children to form bands and play the instruments. During the session, they chose some children to play the instruments – or should I say – ‘jam’ !

Toby, a boy in year 6 was in his element and performed alongside them on the rock guitar with a little tune from ‘Nivada!’

Here are a few photos of the event:

Toby about to rock!

Final adjustments before the gig!

Kids on Tour! ..the rehearsal

Toby totally engrossed!                                


Den Day 2017 in aid of Save The Children Fund
Den Day 2017 in aid of Save The Children Fund

Here are the photos of our amazing den-builders. Well done to Amber for winning the competition!Thanks to Make a Difference club and DT club for helping to organise the den building challenge…


Classical Music Trip to the G-Live Venue in Guildford

Music and Magic Makes for a Marvellous Morning

Today the whole school went on a musical trip to hear some classical ‘live’ orchestral music at Guildford’s G-Live venue. There were many other schools and we were lucky enough to be seated at the front. Music by Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and a musical¬†story by Hans Christian Anderson – ‘Tubby the Tuba’,¬†was interwoven with a variety of¬†magic – one included a very long balloon being swallowed.

We all enjoyed the concert and towards the end had an obligatory song to sing- a-long to. During one of the pieces, Charlie was spotted dancing away and getting into the feel of the music. So, when a selection of children were required, who better to ask than our very own Charlie in Oaks Class!

Yes…he really is levitating!

Well done Charlie, we were all very proud of you.


Nervously awaiting his big moment with the orchestra

The gong was a great success











A willing participant for a little magic

Pure Charlie magic!












Johnathan Wilcocks conducting the orchestra.

The end of a wonderful hour of ‘live’ orchestral music.



Uses for a cardboard box
Uses for a cardboard box

Oak class have been enjoying playing with some very large cardboard boxes left over from a delivery last week.  So far they have been used as a house, a bed and a life sized jack-in-a-box!

Today a couple of the children suggested that we make a ball pit!  We raided the PE shed for all the plastic balls we could find and the children had plenty of fun in their make shift, al fresco ball pit.

img_6290 img_6294 img_6298

The Very Hungry Children!
The Very Hungry Children!

This week in Oak Class we have been learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar, writing shopping lists for fruit and talking about healthy eating.

This morning, the children followed instructions to make fruit kebabs.  They washed and cut up the fruit and then threaded it onto a skewer.  The best part was of course eating them (especially as they were each allowed to sneak 2 marshmallows on it too!)

Next week we will be retelling the story of¬†The Very Hungry Caterpillar ūüôā

















Spotting numbers in the environment
Spotting numbers in the environment

Today, Oak Class went on their first outing, a walk to the Rec.  We were number and letter investigators spotting signs all along the main road.  We looked at signs, symbols, numbers and even a map on our way.  We had a lovely (but cold!) play in the park before we headed back to school for snack time.  The children were beautifully behaved and sensible throughout.  Well Done Oaks!

img_5986 Spotting the number 30

img_5987 Spotting letters and numbers

img_5988 More words and numbers

img_5989  Go slow at the Rec

img_5990 There are even words in the park!

img_5991 Enjoying a spin!

img_6002 And the see-saw.

We will continue being number investigators over half term for our homework.



Mrs Cantoni’s Farewell Cake
Mrs Cantoni’s Farewell Cake

Mrs Evans worked her usual magic by creating a lovely retirement cake for Mrs Cantoni on her final day of term. Yum Yum!

Making Pancakes
Making Pancakes

Oak class have been making pancakes