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      Jun 16, 2017

Category: Rowan

The day we all went rock crazy!
The day we all went rock crazy!

Today, we were joined by some rock musicians who sang and rocked for us! They belong to a rockschool club called ‘irock’.¬† They teach children to form bands and play the instruments. During the session, they chose some children to play the instruments – or should I say – ‘jam’ !

Toby, a boy in year 6 was in his element and performed alongside them on the rock guitar with a little tune from ‘Nivada!’

Here are a few photos of the event:

Toby about to rock!

Final adjustments before the gig!

Kids on Tour! ..the rehearsal

Toby totally engrossed!                                


Den Day 2017 in aid of Save The Children Fund
Den Day 2017 in aid of Save The Children Fund

Here are the photos of our amazing den-builders. Well done to Amber for winning the competition!Thanks to Make a Difference club and DT club for helping to organise the den building challenge…


Rowan’s DT Project
Rowan’s DT Project

Rowan class have enjoyed designing and making little piggy get away houses on wheels.

Rowan’s Curriculum Overview
Spring 1 ‚Äď Rowans Curriculum Overview
Bloodhound Ambassador Visits DT club
Bloodhound Ambassador Visits DT club

Chris Lowther- ambassador for the Bloodhound Project-ran a workshop with our DT club this afternoon. They designed and built their own balloon cars and raced them the around the school hall. img_0601img_0587

Well done Meghan for a brilliant car which won the race at the end…

Rowan’s First Week Back
Rowan’s First Week Back

Rowan class have been learning about the Great Fire of London. They have made a start painting their Great Fire scenes ready to make a Fire of London silhouette in their Art lesson.

Also this week Rowan class have been focusing on measurements and have been exploring length, weight and capacity. The Year ones have particularly enjoyed ordering and comparing potions and lotions.





Rowan’s Beatrix Potter Day!
Rowan’s Beatrix Potter Day!

Rowan class have enjoyed Beatrix Potter day, finishing off our Peter Rabbit homes, getting into character during role play activities, writing Peter Rabbit poems, having fun on the Beatrix Potter website and watching Beatrix Potter DVDs. We have had great FUN! ūüôā










Peter Rabbit’s fantastic home makers
Peter Rabbit’s fantastic home makers

In DT we have been making our own structures for Peter Rabbit’s house. Looking forward to decorating them this Friday during our Beatrix Potter day ūüôā

sam_0237 sam_0239 sam_0216 sam_0235sam_0217


Subtraction in Maths this week
Subtraction in Maths this week


Rowan’s Super Structures

img_0660                                 img_0658img_0651



In DT this term Rowan class are looking at designing and building structures. Tilda said “Ours is stable because it has strong walls. Zander said, “ours is stronger because we made a foundation.”