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      Jun 16, 2017



Introduction from the Chair of Governors

The Governors act as champions for the school.  They have three main areas of responsibility.

1 –  “To help shape the vision and direction of the school”

We visit the school regularly when we observe lessons, talk to subject managers and talk to the children.

2 –  “To ensure the school fullfils its statutory duties”

We review policies and check all our legal requirements are fulfilled.

3 –  “Challenge and support the school leadership team”

We read reports, attend two full governing body meetings a term, we ask questions and ensure that the school is always moving forward.



Terms of Reference and Delegations

Committees – usually meet twice a term and report to each meeting of the FGB

Curriculum Committee

(includes Special Needs, School Improvement and Quality Assurance issues)

Sharron Morton (Headteacher)
Jo Dorans
Tricia Bond
Sally Hibbert
Chair: Jo Dorans
Clerk: Sally Hibbert

Finance Committee 

(includes Personnel and Estates issues)

Sharron Morton (Headteacher)
Sally Hibbert (Chair of Governors)
Jo Dorans
Pip Eldridge
Chair: Sally Hibbert
Clerk: TBA
Headteachers Performance Management Committee

Sally Hibbert(Chair of Governors)

Yann Dubreuil
Ian Troup LLP External advisor

Chair: Sally Hibbert
Clerk: TBA
Other Panels – meet as required at the request of the FGB. FGB to confirm details of Panels fit County regulations for any specific situations.
Complaints Panel The Governing Body (to not include the Chair and / or  Headteacher if appropriate) Chair: TBA
Clerk: TBA


(to not include the Headteacher if appropriate)

Sharron Morton (Headteacher)
Pip Eldridge
Sally Hibbert (Chair of Governors)
Jo Dorans
Chair: Sally Hibbert
Clerk: Jo Dorans


(Standing Committee)

Yann Dubreuil

Tricia Bond


Chair: Y Dubreuil
Clerk: Tricia Bond
Salaries Appeals Yann Dubreuil
Sam Cooke


Chair: Yann Dubreuil
Clerk: Sam Cooke
Areas of Responsibilities
Safeguarding Rep: Sally Hibbert
SEND Governor Jo Dorans
Health & Safety Governor Vacancy
Training Liaison Governor Jo Dorans



  1. Committee meetings shall not be open to the public
  2. Any Governor may attend any Committee Meeting but may not vote unless a member of that Committee.
  3. The membership and Terms of Reference of every Committee/Panel shall be reviewed at least annually.
  4. Committee/Panel agendas must be sent to the Committee one week in advance of the Meeting.
  5. Formal minutes of Committee/Panel Meetings must be kept and distributed to the Committee/Panel members. Committee/Panel Chairs will report to the Governing Body.
  6. Any person employed at the School may not Chair a Committee.The majority of members of a Committee must be Governors.
  7. The Chair and Clerk of each Committee/Panel will be appointed by the Governing Body.
  8. The majority of members of a committee must be governors.


Governors’ Details as at 2nd May 2017

Governor Information for Web site form May 2017 landscape


Proposed Governor Visits to School – Academic Year 2016/17

Governor Visits to School 2016-17