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Head Teachers Page


Head Teacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Binsted CE Primary School. We are a village school in an attractive rural setting in Binsted. The school is about three miles from Alton and six miles from Farnham and has served the local community for over one hundred years.

We currently serve the villages of Binsted and Kingsley but we also welcome children from further afield! As a Church controlled school, we have close links with Binsted church and our local vicar is a frequent visitor, leading weekly Collective Worship.

We hope that your child will enjoy learning at Binsted School; quickly becoming a valued member of our school community. It is our aim that during their time here your child will acquire the relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes to face their future challenges. The children at Binsted School are extremely welcoming, friendly, happy and hard working. We all enjoy being at school and learning together.

Children learn best when they feel safe and secure and here at Binsted we pride ourselves on creating a real sense of ‘family’. As we are a small school, we know all our children very well and pride ourselves on developing their individual talents, whatever they may be. We hope to work in partnership with you and encourage your involvement in the life of the school.

If you would like to arrange a visit to the school please contact us. We would be delighted to invite you to have a look at the work we are doing!

Sharron Morton

About the school

The school was built in 1873 on land belonging to the Wickham Estate and constructed from stones brought from the nearby River Hill Pit. We have now been serving the local community for 140 years.

Binsted is a small, lively, busy and friendly school that is thriving at a time when many rural village schools have closed. Over the last 4 years our numbers have increased to a current total of 91 pupils.

Our Vision

We provide a secure and creative learning environment and pride ourselves on knowing all the children very well. The children are happy here and we know that happy children learn best. We find that they grow in confidence in the strong family atmosphere and are very caring towards each other.

Through the provision of an imaginative and creative curriculum, we seek to develop a well-rounded individual who is confident, independent and motivated; with the skills, knowledge and spiritual awareness that they will need throughout their lives.

The children are always encouraged to try their best and to reach a high standard. We aim to provide stimulating surroundings with plenty of different opportunities to learn. Teamwork is a significant part of our teaching at Binsted and the children are good at learning and playing together. All children are different and we look to celebrate their differences and they are encouraged to develop and celebrate their diverse talents and interests.

Our school values are Faith, Hope and Love and through these:

• We nurture a love of learning
• We love and respect our school family and our wider community
• We have faith in ourselves and our ability
• We hope to do the best we can in all opportunities that are given us
• We have hope for today and for the future

The school has a strong sense of community and relationships with parents are good. We make links with our local community as often as possible through the Wickham Institute, the Cricket Club and the annual fete and enjoy a particularly close relationship with ‘Holy Cross’, our local church.

Our Mission statement

At Binsted Cof E Primary School,

We aim to educate the ‘whole child’ through our values of Faith, Hope and Love.