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      Jun 16, 2017

Starting school

Starting School at Binsted C E Primary

Please view our booklets about starting school:

Starting School

If you are starting school in September 2105 then please read this notice ….


Click on the link above to view the notice.


Reception Year At Binsted CE Primary School 

We have written a useful information booklet for parents. This booklet outlines our aims and objectives for this important stage in your child’s development. Each half term children work to carefully planned topics; the areas of learning and the desirable outcomes for the early years curriculum are described in the booklet.


Click on the link above to view the booklet.


Starting to Read at Binsted CE Primary School 

A booklet for parents to use when reading with their child at home.

Reading is an essential life skill.  At Binsted CE Primary School we aim to provide learning experiences which develop the children’s ability to read with confidence, fluency, understanding and most importantly, enjoyment.


Click on the link above to view the booklet.